The authors:


Philippe ELAN has been a recording and performing artist for the last 15 years in the Netherlands. He has released 7 albums and received the most prestigious Dutch music award: the Edison. On his CD Toujours (released in 2000), Philippe paid tribute to his favourite vocalist Frida with a French cover of ABBA’s ‘Like An Angel Passing Through My Room’ released as ‘La Voix de Frida’ (the voice of Frida).

Philippe ELAN was born and grew up in France and has been collecting photographs of Frida, ABBA and other artists for the last 25 years.


Jean-Marie POTIEZ is the ABBA expert in the French speaking countries. In 1994 he produced the TV documentary Thank You ABBA (released worldwide by Polygram) and originated the double CD project Frida 1967-1972 with EMI Sweden in 1997. In 2004 he suggested the idea of the Frida DVD, released in December 2005 by Polar Music.

In September 2000 his book ABBA The Book was published in the UK by Aurum Press Ltd. The paperback edition was published in September 2003.
Jean-Marie Potiez also compiled the official french biography ABBA La Légende published by Universal/Hors Collection in November 2001 in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Signing session at the ABBF International Fan Club day in Roosendaal on Saturday 18 April 2009