Meeting with Frida

Meeting with Frida in Stockholm - 21 April 2006
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Our meeting with Frida happened on 21 April in Stockholm. It was kindly arranged by Marie Ledin.

Frida looked radiant. She was relaxed and charming.

We brought her a bunch of flowers and we presented her the book. It was emotional for the 3 of us.
Frida had heard about the book but had not seen it yet... She discovered it in our presence.

She found the cover shot beautiful and was moved by the contents. She liked the design of the book and looked at many photos, making comments about some of the shoots.

She told us she was very touched by this tribute and we could see it in her eyes. Needless to say we were very moved too... Fortunately, Frida offered us champagne to celebrate the occasion and laughs started to alternate with tears!

She agreed to autograph our own copies of the book on the condition that we signed her copies too...She finally said that a copy of the book would make a beautiful gift to her friend the king Carl Gustav XVI for his 60th birthday on April 30th.

During the two hours meeting we talked about the making of the book and many other subjects relative to her carreer.

It was a wonderful and heartwarming experience. We will cherish the memories.

Philippe Elan
Jean-Marie Potiez