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Frida signing the book in Berlin - 27 October 2007

Cher Jean-Marie,
C’est un merveilleux cadeau que Philippe et toi avez fait à tous ceux qui aiment et qui admirent Frida ! Je l’ai parcouru avec beaucoup d’attention et d’émotion. Les photos sont très belles et, même si pour vous les changements effectués sans votre accord sont certainement frustrants, pour nous lecteurs, ils n’enlèvent rien à la qualité de cet ouvrage que je trouve vraiment plein de classe et de respect vis-à-vis de cette femme qui a tant d’importance pour nous depuis toutes ces années. Et, au-delà du travail purement “technique” autour des clichés ou de la mise en page, on sent que vous avez fait tout cela avec coeur et que vous avez construit ce projet avec beaucoup de tact et de délicatesse. Ceux qui n’aimeront pas ce livre n’aiment pas Frida, ce n’est pas possible autrement. Dans ce cas-là, leur avis n’a aucune importance !
Merci mille fois d’avoir mené à bien cette histoire ! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de retours et de remarques positives car vous les méritez !
Grosses bises.

Marie-Laure Sanchez - Fribourg, Suisse (21 avril 2006)

WHAT CAN I SAY.........
Dear friends, I would love to thank you from the deepest in my heart for the absolute FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT "FRIDA Book" you both have given to us fans!
I think, no words can be found, to express my happiness and joy about this ABSOLUTE WONDERFUL book!

Everything is done with so much heart and I was deeply touched by your personal introduction about Frida and how you found your "love" to her!

All your pictures are so fantastic and Frida is shining from another page to the next and it is pure magic, to look through this absolute brilliant book!

Dear ones, THANK YOU from the deepest in my heart, for giving us another BRILLIANT book - this time an own FRIDA book and this makes it SO EXCITING!!!!!

Lots of love and deep thanks!

Bernd - Vienna - Austria. (24 April 2006)

I have been the happy owner of your Frida book for more than one week now...and I still can't believe my eyes about it...

Thank you for giving us such a classy photo book about our favourite singer and beauty: Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad!

The book is full of many unknow or rather rare shots of Frida and you realise what a great beauty she was and still is, looking at all these pictures... To me she is the most beautiful and charismatic singer ever!

Again, thank you Philippe and Jean-Marie for this stunning collection.

Richard - Amsterdam - the Netherlands. (25 April 2006)

I'm sure you don't need me telling you how gorgeous this book is but I will anyway.  It's stunning.  I love every page of this colourful tribute to our beloved Frida.  It sits proudly on my coffee table and everyone opens it when they come to visit, admiring the collection of photographs.  Frida herself must be very proud of the beautiful pictures and the loving way the book has been created.  There are so many photos, some I'd never seen before, and I really can't decide what my favourite is…possibly page 126 with that gorgeous mane of curly auburn hair.  We Frida fans have been really spoiled recently, what with the 2005 remasters, the box set, the dvd and now the picture book on the Queen of Pop.  I am so proud to have this beautiful Frida book in my collection.  You have done us all proud, Jean-Marie and Philippe.  Thanks for making it so beautiful.  And all of those who contributed photos to the book, such as Bernd and Michael Scheiber, should be commended as well.  A FABULOUS book!
I’d also like to say that the Introduction is so moving and so beautifully captures the essence of Frida and why we all love her. I had tears in my eyes the first time I read it. I wish I'd written it because I too was captivated by the Fernando experience in 1976 and still am.

Graeme Dempsey - Vancouver, Canada (25 April 2006)

Dear Mr. Potiez & Dear Mr. Elan!

Here I want to leave my best feedback for an absolute wonderful book you have created about the sensational ABBA Queen - Anni-Frid Lyngstad!

I am now the proud owner since a few days of this wonderful book and I am so happy about looking all these great pictures you have put into this book!

A very special thank you to both of you and of course to all these people, who supported you with this wonderful book!

A fantastic collectors book and a MUST for every fan!

Gerhard Gratsch - Austria (26 April 2006)

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for giving us ABBA fans something to treasure forever. I have always had a crush on Frida since the early days of ABBA and I am a lifetime fan being 43 years old now..(yikes)
I LOVE what you have created with this book and I feel you truly captured the inner beauty as well as the outer beauty of this incredible lady.
The photos are superb and many I have not seen which is as we fans know.. so rare to find new pictures these days of our idols.
My favorite photo is the one of frida with a dog in the brightly colored sweater.. what a gal!
I was moved by your meeting with her when you presented the book and I am so glad to see the new look with the darker hair.. hopefully growing longer. Beautiful !
You have done us fans a great service and please do a second volume or a tribute to Agnetha now..
Keep up the good work .
I shall recommend everyone buy it on my web site "Brians ABBA museum". Very good wishes.

Brian BC - Canada (28 April 2006)

Dear Jean-Marie and Philippe,
Many thanks for your excellent book. I did not know it was coming until my very good friend David Legrand told me about it.  
I bought a copy last Saturday, and I had not seen the majority of these photographs before. So stunning. I have fallen in love especially with the photographs on pages 62 and 63, thank you so much for these two in particular...
A fantastic tribute to a very beautiful and talented woman.
Kind regards and thanks once again.
Gary - UK (28 April 2006)

Dear Jean-Marie - Dear Philippe!
My dear friends, what a big and wonderful surprise you gave to us.........WOW!!!!!
I am so very happy about the BRILLIANT and fantastic new pictures with Frida at your meeting with her - she looks absolute fantastic and SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!
It feels so good, to see you in this very personal meeting with Frida in Stockholm and these pictures give lots of emotions!
My dear friends, I thank you so very much for all your kindness and for an absolute fantastic and brilliant book - AND for these outstanding and great looking photos!
Also my deep thanks to my dearest Frida......for being so present in my life and for all your joy you are giving to me!
All my love!
Bernd - Vienna (28 April 2006)

Dear Jean-Marie and Philippe
If you like to put this on your webpage – that’s okay with me….;
Dear Jean-Marie and Philippe – I simply love you – well – after Frida of course! What an absolute fabulous book ’A Tribute To Frida’ really is. I started crying allready at the Introduction. We’ve all similar stories when it comes to Frida and ABBA, but the essence of it all is captured so beautifully in
your introduction, the very reason why we feel so much love for Frida.
I’d like to go through the book step by step in the honour of how you’ve presented Frida step by step. It shows throughout the book that it’s made by true fans. The idea of presenting parts of the photonegatives is splendid. As a fan one is always wondering how the rest of the ’million’ shots from a photosession turned out. Your book gives a lot of those answers – and more! And – as true fans – you certainly know Fridas face. I can’t find one reversed printed photo which use to be the boring fact in every other book. Well done guys!
The bluejeans photo on the opening titlepages is cute in many ways. Frida is wearing a belt that Benny used to wear at the time as well. Page 5, my first ’Oh!’ – What an angle! Never seen this! Great! The timeline illustrations are wonderful. Page 14 presents the first of these photonegatives showing Frida both cute, funny and a comming styleicon! Page 15 and the absolutely stunning (new to me) page 19 makes me wonder about buying a second copy of the book and take out these shots and frame them on my walls. These sixties colourshots are artistic and cultural history and shows a true glowing star! The very naked face on page 21 and 31 are two of the books most interesting photos because they’re so ’off’ in a way. Just this very serious face and again so beautiful. I guess Frida wasn’t photograped like this again untill 1996 for ’Djupa Andetag’. Frida and Benny at page 22 is a wonderful summer of love photo. What a couple!
ABBAs ten years in photos shows a time you in a way can’t find similar today. If a group or an artist had started out in 1995 and ended in 2005, my guess is that the look would have been pretty much the same – even if the artist/group during the years had got a lot of money to spend on styling. When it comes to ABBA and its indivuduals the difference in the overall look from 1972 to 1982 is tremendous, and I think Frida proved this change the most. This change through a decade also makes photobooks on ABBA such a very interesting and valuable thing for the future. Just compare the 1975-live shots on page 48 and 49 to the 79/80-tour. In between are a simple four years, but it looks like a complete different time and world! The 75-liveshot on page 49 is new to me, and guys – thanks for leting us get the whole livephoto on page 48. The kind of private instamatic shots with Agnetha on page 54 are great to get. Then on page 60/61 the book proves again that it’s been made by fans – presenting no less than four ’outtakes’ of the great portrait used in the tourprogramme of 1977.
Page 62, 63 and 154, 155 is a complete ’WOUW!’ to me since it’s presenting something absolutely NEW to me – shots from an alternate take of ’Knowing Me, Knowing You’ from ’ABBA-DABBA-DOO’ – an alternate take I’ve never heard of. Frida looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you sooo much for giving us these shots – the next thing must be to get this outtake as a bonus on a release of ’ABBA-DABBA-DOO’ on DVD – together with rehearsal parts (or a photogallery) as the fabulous shot on page 65! A fabulous black/white of the rehearsing star, and again – what a charisma! The tour of 77 are presented through some fabulous liveshots on page 78-81. The ’live and gold’ tour was probably ABBAs best when it came to the visual and glamorous look mixed with the colouring stagelight. These shots really proves the dynamite of it all. And what a wonderfull artist Frida really is. Page 84 could’ve worked very weell as an ad for some fine shampoo – such beautiful hair!
Lucky fans meeting Frida in 1977 on page 90 – relaxed with us then and now. The shots from ’Summer Night City’ are great. The photos from this period shows Frida wearing the same long and thin necklace – another detail fun to study in such a book. Then there are all these change of hairstyles. Japan 1978 has a wonderfull example with the tv-show-shot at page 100 – WOUW! Page 104/105 shows a stunning alternate shot from the ’Voulez-Vous’-sessions. This session is a kind of mystery. I’ve never seen Frida and Agnetha wearing these dresses in any tv-show, and so far I’ve seen NO pictures in full size from the session. Were the dresses long or shorter. Did they were boots or high heeled pumps – to an ABBA-detail-freak – these are important questions. I don’t know if there excists any fullsize shots from the session, but this new one presented by you guys is fabulous. But remember – next time – look for something fullsized!
The live-presentation of the 1979-tour on page 114/115 is superb. The nine shots on page 115 are placed so beautifully together. One really feels the visual directing touch behind that page. Of some strange reason it seems that the ABBA-tour in Japan in March 1980 is missing out in many books as less important. But when it comes to costumedetails it’s SOOO important. The showgirl Frida changed her costumes in 1977 when going from Europe to Australia. She did the same for Japan 80 and the rare (for a european eye) shot on page 117 is for me a great Hooray!!! In some way I think this slightly different look on the girls is so much better than the totaly alike but reversed look on the 79 USA/european tour. The jacket and heavenhigh blue boots Frida was wearing on stage in Japan makes her glow. What a terrible pity that none of this was filmed! Frida on stage in Japan on page 119 is maybe one of the most beautiful liveshots I’ve seen of her. Look at the bodylanguage – relaxed and playfull and her face tells that she is having the joy of her life.
Then comes the session for ’The Winner Takes It All’ – well, what can I say – thank you so much for these fabulous five alternates of our Hawaiian Levis-girl! But again – compare Frida to herself. Look at the big ’Winner’-shot together with the november 82-shot at page 132! Frida is indeed a brave woman when it comes to dare trying out new styles. When I met her in 1984 I remember it was about only her inner eyes that I recogniced from our meeting two years earlier. Besides that she had changed completely. The 84-shots on page 136/137 are wonderfull, and proves yet again that the book is made by fans. Another book would’ve presented only one of these. To get two on a double page gives you a chance to reflect on what she’s thinking / discussing at that moment. Besides that – her earrings and jacket are the same as when I met her in 1984. A fantastic memory! Another fantastic memory is from August 1992 and the concert at the swedish castle yard. I was there and to stand in front of the stage zooming her in with my camera was probably like being in heaven! A magic night!   
What a wonderfull idea to present ’The Sun Will Shine Again’ through 24 tv-photos! Besides that there are a lot of photos that I haven’t given any comment, but they are all such wonderfull choices for the book.
I do hope that a fanmade book like this and last years cd/dvd-box based on your idea Jean-Marie proves to Frida that there are so much love and interest for her and a big wish from all of us that she’ll do more singing in the future. Maybe she’s on her way to a new lifechapter – meeting you guys in April 2006 shows yet again a new darker hairstyle on her. Frida looks lovelier and better than ever. The sun is indeed shining again – for her as well it seems. But whatever you’ll do in the future Frida – for the gifts you’ve given all of us – thank you! And thank you Jean-Marie and Philippe.
Gunnar Moe - Oslo, Norway (2 May 2006)

Guys !
I just wanted to thank you for the great Frida book you have been putting together. If there is one woman who deserves this... it's she. She is a great woman, very down to earth and with a very very big heart ...She has gone trough so much difficulties and she always overcame it again .. trough here own strength.  But hey .. why I am telling you this? You know this probably better than me !
And congratulations on your meeting with Frida... you are very  lucky guys ... but you do deserve this! I hope one day we will see some more pictures ...
Anyway... just a simple thank you !
Merci Beaucoup!
Dirk - Belgium (6 May 2006)


I received the book this morning and from what I have seen so far I am stunned by the shear beauty radiating from within its pages. It is a joy to behold, Frida still exhudes beauty (even without make-up!!). My favourite has to be the absolutely stunning picture from Abba The Movie in 1977 - kneeling looking downwards - without doubt the most beautiful woman in the world everxxxx

Andrew Thompson - UK (15 May 2006)

Dear Philippe and Jean- Marie,

Today I've got THE book!! It's more than great. The picture's are beautiful, the design is outstanding.

I've always waited for a book like this about Frida.

I hope you've got enough pictures for part 2......


Hans-Eric The Netherlands (26 May 2006)

Chers Jean-Marie et Philippe,

Merci pour ce merveilleux cadeau et votre dur travail de recherche pour nous présenter toutes ces photos pour la plupart inédites de notre chère Frida.  Il était grand temps que Frida reçoive les honneurs qu'elle mérite dans le premier livre lui étant totalement consacré.  Son sourire nous a accompagné tout au long de ces années ainsi que sa voix incomparable. Il est aussi étonnant que l'on apprenne tant de choses dans un livre d'images, comme ce clip inédit de "Knowing Me, Knowing You" et les séances d'enregistrements de "Like An Angel...".  J'ai aussi été particulièrement touché par la façon dont toi et Philippe êtes tombés sous le charme de Frida dans cette émission de la télé française car c'est aussi ce soir là quand ABBA a interpreté "Fernando" que je suis tombé amoureux d'ABBA et je ne savais pas à l'époque que ce groupe allait carrément bouleverser ma vie et que leur musique et image allait m'accompagner chaque jour de ma vie, m'aidant à surmonter certains obstacles et à construire l'homme que je suis aujourd'hui!
Encore un tout grand merci pour cette surprise et bonne continution.

David - Belgium (20 June 2006)

Dear Philippe and Jean-Marie
Thank you from the heart for this truly remarkable book A Tribute to Frida. This book is a charming nostalgic trip thru the life and roller coaster career of Frida as seen thru photographs. I was very surprised and touched by the many beautiful and elegant photos that you both kindly put into this book. So I just wanted to say thank you deeply Philippe and Jean-Marie. What a wonderful tribute not only to Frida but for the fans also. You have made a lot of people around the world very happy.
Kindest Regards

Johnsteven - Scotland (22 June 2006)

Dear Jean-Marie and Philippe,
Thank you so much for this wonderful "A Tribute to Frida". This book is my precious - it’s gorgeous. I was waiting for something like this for so many years... I love this Lady since I was 10 - and now I’m 42. Even the preface of your book makes my crying and then these stunning pics, my Goddess.
Maybe you should think about selling copies of each single photo - to be framed for the (my) livingroom :-)
 You have done a wonderful work with this book, thank you again.
Have a good life and best regards,

Susi  -  Germany (22 June 2006)

Dear Philippe and Jean-Marie,
I just want to thank you for the fabulous Frida book. There are so many gorgeous pictures of her in your book, and I liked the way how also Agnetha and other members of ABBA were in some photos, because they were such an essential part of Frida's life and her career as one of the four in ABBA.
One can clearly see how you have put your heart into the book. Thank you Philippe and Jean-Marie for your effort and for the wonderful book. It will be one of my most treasured ABBA items on my shelf.
Anne - Turku, Finland (29 July 2006)

Dear Jean-Marie, dear Philippe,
I'd like to take the opportunity and thank you for your 10 year long efforts of giving us such a delightful present. I own A Tribute to Frida for several months now, but every time I look through it again it fills me with joy. I still enjoy turning the pages and discover a new picture, that, although well known to me, still seems to be new and exciting.
I read on your comment on ABBA The Site that you had trouble with the layout, but I assure you, it is very good and I like it very much (though I'm sure it would have been even better if they didn't change it :-) ).
You said that during the 10 years while you worked on the book there have been both good and bad times. I think that your meeting with Frida in Stockholm is a very great reward for all your work and trouble.
Again, thank you for this wonderful book.
And thanks to Frida, of course, for letting take all those photographers pictures of her, for without all those photos the book wouldn't have been possible. :-)
Merci beaucoup!

Annika - Bochum, Germany (31 July 2006)
Ps: I could have written in French, but I'm afraid there would be 3 mistakes per sentence...

Merci Philippe et Jean-Marie !

Merci pour votre remarquable travail de collectionneur que je ne suis pas,
et ne serai jamais !... Oui, tous mes posters ont mal vécu mes déménagements successifs ! En fait je n’en ai plus aucun, soit perdu, soit oublié, soit donné…

J’ai retrouvé des images qui m’étaient familières comme si je retrouvais un
membre de ma famille qui s’était égaré, à moins que ce ne soit moi !

Merci surtout à l’inspiratrice Frida.


Lionel - Grasse, France (14 August 2006)

Cher Jean-Marie, Cher Philippe,

Quel bel hommage vous rendez à notre Princesse de la Pop !

A Tribute to Frida est un superbe album photos-souvenirs, et l'on prend plaisir à découvrir de nombreuses photos de notre ravissante Frida (une richesse inestimable de photos inédites) et à redécouvrir d'autres photos qui nous paraissent si familières.

Nous percevons une Frida parfois espiègle, parfois pensive, sur des photos prises sur scène ou en privé. Frida, toujours superbe, souriante et éblouissante, dégage beaucoup d'humanité tout au long de cet album.

J'aimerais vous remercier de nous faire partager le fruit de votre passion. Un merci à vous deux pour ce travail inestimable et, bien sûr, merci à cette grande dame qui, sans le savoir, aujourd'hui encore, nous apporte énormément.

Denis - Fouesnant, France (21 August 2006)

Dearest Philippe and Jean-Marie,

My comment comes somewhat late (been very busy) but better than never. My heartfelt congratulations on your book. It looks stunning, both the lay-out and the photos look amazing! FRIDA is very dear to me and your love project brings forward the same admiration that so many of us FRIDA fans feel. Thank you for your great acomplishment and I was so happy for you that you also got such a beautiful reward; handing over the book to the grand lady herself! I have been glad and proud that I was able to help you guys by doing my very small part for the book too. You're great, guys!

AlL the warmest regards,

Remko van Drongelen - Netherlands (27 August 2006)

Dear Philippe and Jean-Marie,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful creation 'A Tribute to Frida'. I read on your site that it took you years to prepare it and as a fan I can't thank you enough. Your efforts are very much appreciated. I admire Frida enormously and your book really does her justice - she is such a classy and gracious lady with a beautiful voice that I will never tire of hearing. Congratulations and thanks to you both.

Caroline Coulston (30 October 2006)

Hi, I'm Roberto, 29 years. I'd like to thank for this site about FRIDA! I'd like to say: I love FRIDA, for her beautiful talent, for a great being human, that's her! I have been touched with the things that you told about her. She is so very special, really a pretty angel. I only can see the comments about the book, they are incredible, the people are loving that.
"FRIDA You are a winner in all. I feel so very good in seeing you now (by photos) and I know that you have been loved for millions around the world. You are blessed for God, cause you are sensitive and brilliant! I LOVE FRIDA!!!! You are the best in my heart, I know it.
Thank you Philippe and Jean-Marie for this space here.

Roberto - Brasil (23 December 2006)

Chers Jean-Marie et Philippe,
Merci pour ce sublime ouvrage sur la carrière de cette grande artiste qui est Frida. On y voit une Frida toujours élégante, toujours à la mode, souriante et magnifique. Encore Merci
Gaëlle - Normandie, France (8 January 2007)

Dear Sirs!

On Friday I received the book "A Tribute to FRIDA" I ordered a few months ago in a big book store here. Finally... :-) But it was worth waiting! The book is really great and I would like to express the big admire to you that you were able to collect all those rare photographs of Frida. Many of them I´ve never seen before ... :-).
Last Christmas I´ve got the FRIDA DVD as a gift from my best friend and it already has a honour place in my videotheque.
I wish you good success with this book (well the ABBA-fans are all around the world!) and much energy and enthusiasm for your further work.
Best regards from the heart of Europe
Pavel Noha - a Frida-fan from Prague/Czech Republic (12 March 2007)

I bought this book because I wanted to honor and pay homage to a particular component of the group Abba: our sweetest queen of the ice from the warm voice, Frida.

My compliments guys, it's a book I must say well done, good idea to also post photos never seen by the fans alternating color/black and white in A4 format, having the opportunity to "look" in one's life sung by all of us very popular, just as it is good idea to do the bilingual, so if you do not know the German language you have the chance to read it in English, international language.

I liked the fact to put next to each photo and a descriptive caption at the beginning of the book, a history year by year, private life and work of our artist.

I got it several months ago, I read it and watched it many many times and never get tired of it, a book which is and will remain immortal as her.

It can be truly considered a great tribute to Frida, which she does well to be proud and happy. I recommend this book to all fans with his heart and Frida of Abba, it is a piece that a collector should not miss.

I would say that I have nothing to say except to reiterate that even my most vivid congratulations for this excellent work by the birth of your minds and we all go fully proud.

All my much love and thanks very much Jean-Marie and Philippe

Isabelle (Italy) (20 September 2011)