Words from the authors:

In April 2006, Frida asked Philippe and I to sign a copy of the book for King Carl XVI Gustav's 60th birthday.

On September 26th, 2010, I was honored to meet Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel during a reception at the Swedish Institute in Paris. I gave them "A Tribute To Frida" and my two latest books as presents.

Jean-Marie Potiez

Dear visitors and ABBA/Frida fans,

The following message had been posted on the official ABBA website on August 1st, 2006. Unfortunately, it has been removed immediately by one of the moderators named Eagle. After some discussions, she stated ‘We are unsure if the topic is appropriate for the forum. We need to discuss it with the moderating team. We have passed this on to Universal Music. It is for them to decide if the topic is promoting sales...’
Of course, when you’ll read the message below you’ll understand that it was not promoting the sales of our book at all. We just wanted to thank the fans for their support and for all their kind messages previously posted on the official ABBA website. We also wanted to explain some difficulties we had when making the book. We were quite shocked by their proceedings. Philippe and I consider it is a kind of censorship that we cannot tolerate. And, of course, Frida will not be pleased to know it’s been removed for some strange and obscure reasons that we could compare to a kind of jealousy... Well, that’s life and, unfortunately, the current policy of the Abbasite.
We have decided to post the message here. Enjoy it and, once again, we thank you all for your kindness and support!

Dear visitors and ABBA/Frida fans

We would like to thank you deeply for your support, your comments and your kind words about our book A Tribute to Frida. You’ve been so many to post comments here and it’s a real pleasure reading how the book pleased you! If you haven’t already done it, don’t hesitate to leave your comments in the appropriate section of our website. Frida is a regular visitor and she’s really pleased to hear that you are enjoying her book!

A Tribute to Frida is a wonderful adventure which took about 10 years to make it feasible. We’ve been through good and bad moments during all those years but, all in all, we are more than satisfied with the result. The highest and most fabulous moment being April 21st when we had the great honour to meet Frida and give her personally our labour of love. We couldn’t expect a better meeting. We were all close to tears when Frida opened the book and went through it. So, it’s been a real pleasure to share with you some photos of the meeting on our website. Frida asked us to use them only for our site, so this is the reason why we couldn’t reply to all your requests asking for copies of those photos. We know you can understand this!

We’d like to take the opportunity of this message to explain a few things about the book. As we previously said, A Tribute to Frida is a labour of love which took almost 10 years to see the light of day. When, after a long research, we found our publisher in September 2005, we were on top of the world. We met them in Berlin and it was agreed that I (Jean-Marie) would do the complete design and layout of the book as I am a graphic designer. The material was sent to the publisher on February 1st
for publication beginning of April. Once we had signed the contract, we noticed a change and a lack of communication from the publisher’s side. It is always common and quite normal when the publisher has the last word. But, this time, things were not normal. They did many changes in our back without informing us until the last minute, before printing. We were quite shocked to discover the ‘new’ layout: the captions, placed at the end of the book, had been put through the pages and some photos in colour had been printed in black and white. But the worst thing remain the centered photos which had been enlarged and placed on top of the pages to leave space for the captions. This was changing completely the impact of the photos (altering the quality of some of them) and the beauty and simplicity of the layout.

All in all, we must admit that we are really proud of A Tribute To Frida but we thought it was time to evoke some problems we had encountered at the final stage of the work.

We’ve been very moved and touched by your messages. Once again, we want to thank you for your support and tell you that we are very proud of the book. Frida loves it and you seem to love it too, so this is our most beautiful gift...

At last, we want to thank Bernd Scheiber for his help and his unfinished enthusiasm. Bernd, with his constant support has been a fantastic partner from January 2006. Bernd, we’ll never thank you enough for your deep and sincere friendship.


Jean-Marie Potiez and Philippe Elan